This warranty applies for all McMillan firearms for the duration shown below:
Five-year limited-warranty for McMillan Firearms.


McMillan Firearms® warrants to the original purchaser that all firearms are free of manufacturer defects in material and workmanship. McMillan Firearms’s® Limited Warranty is non-transferrable and applies exclusively to personal use by the original purchaser and exclusively to complete firearms manufactured and assembled by an authorized McMillan Firearms representative. All institutions, including law enforcement agencies, receive a one-year limited warranty for all firearms. Firearms used for commercial purposes, including and not limited to firearm rentals, are excluded from McMillan Firearms’s® Limited Warranty.  

McMillan Firearms’s® Limited Warranty is initiated from the original date of purchase as printed on the original invoice. No registration is required from the purchaser to initiate the warranty. McMillan Firearms® recommends keeping all original purchase document(s) in the event a repair and warranty claim is to be made.  

McMillan Firearms’s® Limited Warranty excludes any claims caused by or in connection with unauthorized adjustments, parts replacements, or improper installation of accessories. Firearms modified, assembled or constructed by an end-user or third party are excluded from McMillan Firearms's Limited Warranty. 

Claims found to be caused by or in connection with the firing of improper caliber ammunition, reloaded ammunition, or the use of other than commercially manufactured ammunition in good condition are excluded from McMillan Firearms’s® Limited Warranty. McMillan Firearms® does not warranty any claims caused by or found to be in relation to improper handling, neglect, external damage, barrel blockages or failure to perform proper maintenance.  

This warranty does not cover normal wear of any parts or accessories, including surface finish, or unauthorized adjustments made by third parties.  

The terms of McMillan Firearms’s® Limited Warranty cannot be modified, except in writing, by an authorized McMillan Firearms® representative. Wholesalers, dealers, or third-party repair facilities are not permitted to make any warranty repair or adjustment on behalf of McMillan Firearms®. The original purchaser is responsible for confirmation of any additional rights within local and state laws. 


Prior to seeking a warranty claim, please reference the following. 

  • An McMillan Firearms® Owner’s Manual for your firearm model. 
  • Perform all instructed maintenance within the owner’s manual.  
  • Ensure use of proper ammunition and functioning magazine(s).  

For claims made with defects found to be excluded by McMillan Firearms’s® Limited Warranty, McMillan Firearms® will provide a quote for repair. Cost of repairs and return shipping may apply.  

McMillan Firearms® will only return items to the original sender. Repairs completed under warranty without cost incurred may be returned without notice of shipment. All return shipments require adult signature as proof of receipt.  

No firearm is to be shipped to McMillan Firearms’s® facility without consulting an authorized McMillan Firearms® representative, or before an official claim has been completed. Any claim will require a proper Return Material Authorization (RMA) number obtained from an authorized representative. 


TO OPEN A WARRANTY CLAIM: Contact (979) 326-1300 x1214. A representative will take your call or return your call within 48 hours.


Due to international regulations and restrictions, for any questions regarding an international warranty claim please email info@SACFirearms.com.


Shipping of firearms to McMillan Firearms® requires an RMA number. The warranty claimant is responsible for ensuring compliance with local, state, and federal law when shipping any firearm or parts. Once an RMA number has been obtained and the shipment has been authorized by McMillan Firearms®, please see the following for shipment. 

  • Shipments must be made with a large, strong box with plenty of room for packaging material to protect the firearm.  
  • Carefully remove all ammunition and accessories from the firearm prior to shipment. (I.e. optics, slings, bipods, etc…) 
    • WARNING: It is unlawful to ship a loaded firearm, or to ship loaded ammunition or spent casings in the same package as a firearm.  
  • Include all requested documentation with shipping a firearm when you return it. Please include a letter explaining the following. 
    • Describe the issues experienced with firearm.
    • Provide all contact information (Name, Email, Phone, and Address.) 
    • List the RMA number provided by an authorized McMillan Firearms® Representative. 
    • The original invoice, or sales receipt with your name.  
  • Package the firearm carefully, enclosing the letter explaining the reason for a claim. 
  • Ensure the exterior of the packaging gives no obvious indication of the firearm within.  
    • WARNING: Federal law prohibits markings indicating that a package contains firearms.  
  • Failure to ensure proper, secure packaging may result in a voided claim. 


McMillan Firearms’s® team takes pride in ensuring your firearm exceeds expectations, and we strive to uphold the same quality delivered for 70+ years. All firearms go through a rigorous inspection ensuring proper diagnosis of any malfunction. All firearms are test fired at the conclusion of repairs. We understand you want your McMillan Firearms® returned as quickly as possible. To ensure our team has time to conduct a thorough diagnosis, normal circumstances result in a 4–6-week turnaround.