I would like you to know about the Tactical Fifty BMG I purchased last year. I was very curious about its accuracy potential. Not at all worried about the quality of the firearm… really the accuracy potential of the 50 BMG cartridge it fires. To me, the obvious quality traits lie in the McMillan craftsmanship, from the stout action to almost indestructible stock. The blending of quality parts, Jewell trigger, match barrel, brake, tripod and the Night Vision Optics compatible scope rail are all outstanding. I started my load development at 300 and 500 yards. Well, I am here to state that there is NO accuracy problem with this combination. The 5.5x25x56 mm Nightforce with the NPR2 reticule proves a winning combination on this rifle. During load development I have not had very many groups over 1 minute and several load combinations at 1/2 MOA with a couple of near 1 hole 5 shot groups at 300 yards. Now that loads are developed, I intend to shoot this at 1500 to 2500 yards. This is a winner of a rifle. You can buy other 50 BMGs out there that just have a lot of boom or gee whiz…or buy the real tack driver … TAC 50 with it you really can “Shoot to Win” and it’ll get you a smile as well.

Best Regards,
Don Golembieski
President, Kodiak Precision


“I took first place in five out of six meets that I entered between 2009-2010 using a McMillan TAC-50 BMG. I won a total of 21 plaques. The TAC-50 performed well even against many custom built rifles costing significantly more than mine.”

Bill Scherer


I shot a seven (7) group, @ 100yds. Shot with Barns bullets military cases CCI #35 primers and H 50-BMG the scope is a Night Force 5.5×22-56. I was accused of intentionally drifting subsequent shots after the center disappeared, so I said I’ll make a Mickey Mouse with the last two shots. As it turns out the gun is better at grouping than I am at art. (It looks more like a Grateful Dead Bear). I have 40 xs, Coopers, SASSs, custom 30 cals, XP-100s in 5 different flavors, and my McMillan TAC-50 is the most accurate shot to shot event to event gun I own, hands down. I wouldn’t be able to do this without McMillan training your school is awesome!!

Jake Farber


Here are some pics from the barrel break in I did Friday. I paired the gun with a Nightforce 8x32x56 with npr1 reticle and badger rings. I was shooting Hornady 750 Amax and got some great groups. I couldn’t be happier with the gun it will just stack them on top of one another. This was prior to me changing my dope completely. The bottom round was a flier that was my fault but the other three were all in there.

Chad Schroeder
Irving Police Department


I shoot a McMillan rifle because I want to know how well I can shoot. Other shooters can blame their rifles when they’re having a bad day.?Thanks for making great rifles,

John Granucci – TAC300


This gun, the McMillan TAC-308, has less than 60 rounds and is unbelievable. Many operators shot your gun that day and were stunned at the accuracy that it delivered. Please convey to everyone my thanks for the precision machining coming out of your shop.

Robert Black – TAC308


The CS-5′s are extraordinary!!!

Mike Skajem
Armorer, Los Angeles Police Department


The first thing I did to get ready for my hunt was to get outfitted with a McMillan Dynasty rifle chambered in 300 Winchester Magnum, topped with a Swarovski Z6 in 3-18×50. I was fortunate enough to draw a Utah Buck/Bull combo tag and spent many hours preparing for what I hoped would be a great season. Hundreds of rounds made their way down the barrel making sure everything would be right on when the moment came.

When hunting season finally arrived, I was prepared. After spending much time hiking I eventually found a buck that met my criteria – his head wider than his ears. It took about an hour to get to a range I was comfortable with and I settled in to make the shot. The rangefinder read 458 yards and I was shooting at a slight decline. Deep breaths, a good rest, and the squeeze. When all was said and done, I found myself looking at my biggest deer to date, a 27″ wide Muley that green scored 162″ B&C. This was a shot I never would have taken with any of the equipment I had previously hunted with. I was glad to have a rifle in my hands that I knew could handle anything I threw at it.

Ryan Sorensen – DYNASTY


I have been hunting big game for fifty years and have used several models and calibers of rifles. I purchased the McMillan Outdoorsman 300 Ultra Mag for my trip to Namiba, Africa. It is the best performing rifle I have ever shot in my life. The owner of the Uhlenhorst Safari Company fell in love with the rifle after shooting it and wanted to keep it.

Thank you McMillan for manufacturing such a great firearm.

Bob Minerich – Outdoorsman


Thanks for the great rifle. I am so happy with the feel and balance of this gun. It is truly the nicest gun that I have held, and I looked at a lot of guns. I will be using the rifle for hunting, primarily deer and bighorn sheep. I know I’ve made the best decision going with McMillan.

Thanks again, Great Gun!


This is the smallest five shot group have ever shot with any 30 caliber hunting rifle

Chub Eastman
Sports Afield


“Thank you for the McMillan Tactical Hunter rifle with a left-handed action in .308 Winchester McMillan built for me.

Today was the first chance to shoot the rifle. Wow! My Tactical Hunter has a Leupold VX II 3-9 x 40mm scope mounted on it. The ammunition I shot was Hornady A-Max Match. At 100 yards, the first six shots were in such a tight group that there was only one hole in the target. Enclosed is the target for proof. A few more shots and I had the group at two inches above the bull just where Craig Boddington says a rifle should be sighted in. The slightly larger fore end is easy to get used to and fits nicely on a Hart bench rest. The Tactical Hunter lives up to its reputation as written about in the Sports Afield article by Chub Eastman. I am happy to endorse this rifle for serious hunters and marksmen.”

Johan Klehs


Here are a couple of recent targets. I am going to be using your 270 WSM Prodigy on several hunts this season. I enjoy your rifle very much.

Very Truly,


My McMillan Dynasty 270 WSM is a true “tack-driver.” I have shot many rifles in 29 years of military service and I have never seen a rifle shoot a bullet repeatedly in the same hole at 100 yards! I’ll send you pictures. 

Very respectfully,
Karl A. Schwartz – DYNASTY


I just wanted to share with you this picture of a red sheep I hunted with your Outdoorsman at 350 yards. I am very happy with this rifle, the best tool for mountain hunting.

My best wishes,
Adrian Gonzalez- OUTDOORSMAN


I recently purchased a McMillan Tactical Hunter rifle. My first time shooting the rifle I shot a .230″ group at 100 yards using Federal Gold Medal 168 grain Sierra MatchKing BTHP. My choice of scope was Swaroski Z5 5-25×52. The rifle shoots great.

Howard A. Broussard


The quality of the rifle is beyond words. It was probably the nicest feeling one that I have shot. I hope you guys make it a standard production gun; it should be a great seller. As soon as I can afford it, I am going to have you build one identical for myself. It will be the deer gun and the 300 RUM for everything else.

Les Szabo


I just wanted to let you know how my first round of shooting went with my new rifle, Dynasty 300 Win Mag. Shooting McMillans 180 gr. Tipped Tripple Shock ammo, my first 3 shot group at 100 yds produced a 1″ group. I let the barrel cool and shot a second group of 3 at .45″ and repeated the process for a third group at .44″. Needless to say, it exceeded my expectations. 

Thanks for a great rifle.


Just back from a hunt in New Zealand and the Tactical Hunter I ordered from you performed great! She does not look new anymore. The Chamois hunt turned into one of the roughest mountain hunts to date … steep rocky terrain. I was more concerned about hanging onto the rocks, than worrying about the beating the rifle was taking. In fact, when we finally made it back down my guide said he wouldn’t go up that one again. As a matter of fact, neither will I! The Chamois was shot at 378 yards with a good 20 mph cross wind. The Swaroski Z-5 scope with the 4-W recticle worked great for the shot. My stag was shot at 274 yards at a steep downhill angle. I shot the Tahr at 178yards. I ran out of time for load development prior to the hunt, due to time and our high windy days here in Southwest Kansas. So, I used chronograph factory ammunition for this hunt.

I have a Bighorn sheep hunt this Aug-Sept in British Columbia. Your Tactical Hunter will be used for this hunt as well.

Terry Romans


I’ve just returned from our trip to New Zealand. It was a wonderful trip. I used your Dynasty Rifle chambered in 300 Win Mag. That gun is a real shooter. On the first day we took it to the range. I was using a new Nightforce scope, so I needed to get it sighted in. After getting the scope adjusted we started shooting for accuracy. The first shot was right on the money and the following 3 shots cut the hole made by the first shot. This performance made me even more excited about getting on some game.

As you know, part of the reason for going to New Zealand was to test our new SAAMI compliant hunting bullets. To do this properly, I wanted to shoot as many animals as possible. Over the next 4 days I shot 71 animals including goats, pigs, wallabies and cull deer. Every animal taken was nailed with a good hit. Not a single animal was lost. The rifle is so comfortable and the action worked so smooth that it was a pleasure to shoot.

I’ll add that I was not as careful with the rifle as I planned. The area we were in is very mountainous. Getting around on these mountains was not easy. In fact, I’m not embarrassed to say that I fell at least once each day. I paid for these falls with numerous bruises and stickers in my hands and arms. The reason I mention this is because the rifle found the ground and several rocks with each fall. Even with this abuse the rifle performed perfectly.

It is a testament to your skill as a gun builder. I was able to use a gorgeous looking rifle that shot as well as any competition rifle can. Add to that the fact that it is tough and functional. I just don’t know how a rifle could be any better. Looks great, shoots awesome and it takes all the abuse I can put it through without any change in performance.   I’ll be adding more McMillan rifles to my collection.

Kind regards,
Eric Stecker - DYNASTY
Executive Vice President, Berger Bullets LLC


I want to thank you for sending me your 300 Win Mag Tactical Hunter rifle and providing me with ammunition for the hunt I was on. Everything worked flawlessly. Everyone that saw the rifle loved the looks and was impressed with the terminal performance of the ammunition. I took a total of eight animals – all one shot, one kill. My prized trophy was a 42” Kalahari Gemsbok. 

Thanks again for a great rifle and ammunition!

Franz Jurva
President – North Fork Bullets


I experienced a great Kodiak bear, squaring 10 ft. plus…1300 lbs., a great guide, a great hunt, and a great rifle with excellent training. Alaska Trophy Safaris took care of providing the most incredible hunt, and McMillan took care of providing me with a superior weapon system, my 375 H&H. McMillan also gave me the opportunity to train with their trainer/sniper that in my opinion was the reason I had no hesitation in taking a 215 yard shot at this monster bear. One shot, one kill.

If you’re going to Kodiak Island where you’re definitely are number two on the food chain, take along enough gun and make sure you have the confidence to use it. McMillan can provide you with both, and as a matter-of-fact they’re going to build a .458 LOTT for my next hunt as well as provide another day of training. A Midwest guy that is still smiling and will for years to come.

Jim Bertram - HERITAGE


I went to the range last night to zero a new scope on my 30-06 Legacy that you built for me last year. I also wanted to try shooting the rifle for accuracy on the 300-yard range. Up to this point, I have only fired the rifle for accuracy testing at 100 yards, and I have spent the rest of the time practicing with it in the field

I zeroed the rifle at 200 yards and moved the target down to the 300-yard line. The first group I fired was just over an inch, which I thought was really phenomenal. I let the rifle cool off and I was really careful about watching the wind for the second group. When I checked the second group it was .640″at 300 yards. I personally think that is about as good as it gets for a light sporter that weighs 7.5 pounds scoped using a hunting bullet. I was using 60 grains of Ramshot Hunter and a 175 grain Barnes LRX in new Winchester brass. I have attached a copy of the group.

Chet Fitzgerald – LEGACY


I wish I could shoot as good as this rifle does … 30.06 Legacy Rifle.

Bill Hill - LEGACY