McMillan Firearms is a 32-year-old manufacturer of hunting and tactical bolt-action rifles. These rifles are available for a variety of applications in caliber ranges from .6mm through .50 caliber. The hunting lines of rifles are some of the most sought after high-end rifles on the market. From local sport hunting to long range shooting, McMillan Firearms makes the perfect rifle for your specfic application. McMillan also offers rifle to-order custom builds.

This drive for excellence has positioned McMillan Firearms as a leading innovator in the industry. McMillan developed the stock for the first true tactical rifle adopted by the Marines, a stock you can still purchase as the M40A1-HTG. McMillan developed the first molded-in marble patterns. McMillan developed the legendary A-5 stock, a pattern that the industry has since imitated extensively. McMillan Firearms holds numerous world records in competitive events.

We mean it literally when we offer the following words: In shooting, as in life, success is defined by whether you hit what you aim for. Always, Shoot to Win.