Just back from a hunt in New Zealand and the Tactical Hunter I ordered from you performed great! She does not look new anymore. The Chamois hunt turned into one of the roughest mountain hunts to date … steep rocky terrain. I was more concerned about hanging onto the rocks, than worrying about the beating the rifle was taking. In fact, when we finally made it back down my guide said he wouldn’t go up that one again. As a matter of fact neither will I! The Chamois was shot at 378 yards with a good 20 mph cross wind. The Swaroski Z-5 scope with the 4-W recticle worked great for the shot. My stag was shot at 274 yards at a steep down hill angle. I shot the Tahr at 178yards. I ran out of time for load development prior to the hunt, due to time and our high windy days here in Southwest Kansas. So, I used chronograph factory ammunition for this hunt.


I have a Bighorn sheep hunt this Aug-Sept in British Columbia. Your Tactical Hunter will be used for this hunt as well.


Terry Romans