The first thing I did to get ready for my hunt was to get outfitted with a McMillan Dynasty rifle chambered in 300 Winchester Magnum, topped with a Swarovski Z6 in 3-18×50. I was fortunate enough to draw a Utah Buck/Bull combo tag and spent many hours preparing for what I hoped would be a great season. Hundreds of rounds made their way down the barrel making sure everything would be right on when the moment came.


When hunting season finally arrived, I was prepared. After spending much time hiking I eventually found a buck that met my criteria – his head wider than his ears. It took about an hour to get to a range I was comfortable with and I settled in to make the shot. The rangefinder read 458 yards and I was shooting at a slight decline. Deep breaths, a good rest, and the squeeze. When all was said and done, I found myself looking at my biggest deer to date, a 27″ wide Muley that green scored 162″ B&C. This was a shot I never would have taken with any of the equipment I had previously hunted with. I was glad to have a rifle in my hands that I knew could handle anything I threw at it.


Ryan Sorensen