Recommended Suppressor Cleaning Options


McMillan recommends the following options when cleaning a suppressor.


1. Hot soapy water. Many new propellants have caused an increased amount of ammonia residue to form inside the sound suppressor. The user may rinse out the suppressor in hot soapy water and then
allow to drain or blow out with an air hose.

2. Ultrasonic. An excellent way to help break up carbon.

3. Steam cleaning. Not everyone has this available but if the user does have this option, it is extremely effective in removing the build up of carbon in the crevices of the suppressor.

4. Aftermarket cleaners. There is a multitude of cleaners that the individual may try. It is highly recommended for the user to stay away from flammable chemicals.

We highly recommend using our metal treatment/gun oil in our suppressors to reduce carbon build up. A great oil also for weapons!