McMillan Precision Ammunition.

Match quality ammunition for hunting.

McMillan’s Precision ammunition features traditional hunting cartridges that are custom loaded to match quality standards. Premium performance bullets meeting rigorous testing standards have been selected to blend maximum accuracy and terminal performance. All critical cartridge measurements are held to consistent, precision tolerances. Powders are selected for consistent velocity to minimize vertical spread at extreme long ranges. Each round is hand inspected.


300 RUM168 gr. Barnes TTSX202
300 Win Mag168 gr. Barnes TTSX203
300 Win Mag180 gr. Barnes TTSX204
7mm Rem Mag150 gr. Barnes TTSX205
270 WSM130 gr. Barnes TSX206
30-378168 gr. Barnes TTSX207
30-378180 gr. Barnes TTSX208
308 Win180 gr. Barnes TTSX209
243 Win80 gr. Barnes TTSX2010
300 RUM175 gr. Barnes LRX2011
300 WSM180 gr. Barnes TSX2012
338 Win Mag225 gr. Barnes TTSX2013
300 WSM168 gr. Barnes TSX2014
30-06180 gr. Barnes TTSX2015
30-06168 gr. Barnes TTSX2016