McMillan Introduces the CS5 Sniper Rifle
a Concealable Subsonic/Supersonic Suppressed Sniper System


Phoenix, Arizona (February 15, 2012) – McMillan Group International announces the new McMillan CS5, which stands for Concealable Subsonic/Supersonic Suppressed Sniper System. The McMillan CS5 is a bolt action rifle designed for stealth and concealment in urban settings. It is compact, accurate and ergonomically engineered. The CS5 is specifically tuned to perform with subsonic .308 Winchester ammunition, but it will handle all .308 ammunition.


With the buttstock and suppressor detached, the CS5 is only 23” in overall length. It stuffs neatly into backpacks and other inconspicuous carriers, yet it delivers the stopping authority of a .308 projectile. When removed the buttstock can be attached to the side of the rifle for compact carry via a Picatinny rail. The rifle is capable of being fired with the buttstock in the side mount position.


The CS5 is derived from the McMillan T2K, a platform that has won numerous high power national championships. Chambered in .308 Winchester, the CS5 delivers sub-MOA accuracy with subsonic or full power ammunition. Using McMillan’s match-grade 200 grain ammunition, the CS5 will deliver 0.75 MOA performance or better in urban settings. With full power match grade ammunition, the CS5 will also deliver 0.75 MOA performance or better at typical 7.62 NATO distances. Hence, it is a dual purpose firearm serving subsonic as well as traditional sniper rifle roles.


Although the CS5 is intended to be shot with a suppressor, it will function normally without one. It also comes with a threaded muzzle brake that can be detached. The suppressor fits over the barrel and muzzle brake, yet inside the tubular forearm for compactness.


The McMillan CS5 uses standard SR-25 style magazines. It comes equipped with one 10-round magazine. Additional magazines can be ordered in 10 or 20-round capacity.
The 12.5” barrel is premium match grade and finished in black. It is threaded and includes a muzzle brake. The twist is 1 in 8” in order to stabilize the 200 grain boat tail bullets typically used for subsonic applications, but it will handle all bullet weights and velocities that are available for the .308 Winchester.


The McMillan CS5 was designed with extensive input from elite military teams. The infinitely adjustable buttstock will fit any operator, regardless of height, build, bulk of clothing, or shooting position. Index marks allow repeatable stock adjustments. Adjustable Picatinny rails are provided on the forend. A tactile safety button can be operated without moving your trigger finger. An Anschutz match trigger adjusts for weight and length of pull.


The McMillan CS5 includes the suppressor, muzzle brake, bipod, Pelican hard case, and one 10-round magazine.


While the CS5 is intended for police and military applications, it can also be purchased by civilians. All NFA rules apply. A non-NFA version is also available without the suppressor and with a 1 in 11” twist barrel of 18” length.


According to Ryan McMillan, vice president of McMillan Group International, “The CS5 is the cutting edge in engineering for a subsonic, concealable tactical bolt action rifle. It is a new design direction for the bolt action tactical rifle of the future.”