I experienced a great Kodiak bear, squaring 10 ft. plus…1300 lbs., a great guide, a great hunt, and a great rifle with excellent training. Alaska Trophy Safaris took care of providing the most incredible hunt, and McMillan took care of providing me with a superior weapon system, my 375 H&H. McMillan also gave me the opportunity to train with their trainer/sniper that in my opinion was the reason I had no hesitation in taking a 215 yard shot at this monster bear. One shot, one kill.


If you’re going to Kodiak Island where you’re definitely are number two on the food chain, take along enough gun and make sure you have the confidence to use it. McMillan can provide you with both, and as a matter-of-fact they’re going to build a .458 LOTT for my next hunt as well as provide another day of training. A Midwest guy that is still smiling and will for years to come.


Jim Bertram