We have put together a list of our most frequently asked questions about McMillan’s hunting and tactical rifles and McMillan’s stocks. To find your answer, choose Hunting Q&A or Tactical Q&A.


Custom Collection® Hunting Rifle Q&A:

Yes. Older McMillan rifles will be covered under their original warranty with the exception of rifles produced between 1987 and 2000. We will not service any G.Mac built rifles.
McMillan uses Bartlein barrels, which are widely considered to be some of the best barrels on the market.
TriggerTech. They are the finest triggers on the market and the quality is indicative of what we expect of a McMillan rifle.
We are currently transitioning away from being a custom gun builder. We chose the calibers that we offer because they are tried and true and offer the best overall performance in accuracy and dependability. Because we keep these rifles in stock and have an inventory, we have to be very particular about the calibers offered. Each caliber added increases the number of rifles we keep in stock by about a dozen. However depending on the caliber, it may be possible to order a “custom build” for a little while longer. At some point, we will not take any more custom orders but for now, we can check and see if we can chamber in the caliber you are looking for.
Because we build these rifles to specific specs, the barrels are ordered months in advance and are ordered to specific specs and calibers. Changing barrel dimensions or fluting a barrel constitutes a custom build and we do not offer this option at this time.
No, because our Custom Collection® stocks are made with EDGE® ultralight graphite technology (except for the Heritage and Prestige) and are 100% carbon fiber/graphite, molding in color would add 3-4 ounces of weight to the stock and would defeat the purpose of using graphite to reduce weight.
Yes. We can install a muzzle brake on any of the rifles we offer; however, because the muzzle brake needs to be installed prior to metal finishing, it may take anywhere from two to six months to get your rifle. If we have a like rifle in process as an inventory gun, we will put your name on it and finish it as soon as possible. If we have to start from scratch with the rifle, it may take six months.
Each of those is a production rifle, mass produced by the hundreds if not thousands. Every McMillan rifle, though we offer a line of rifles produced to specific requirements, are all made one at a time. Each bolt is fit to a specific receiver and hand lapped. The firing pins are fit to each bolt. The cocking cams are filed and fit by hand on each receiver. We make our receivers in lots of 50 at a time, not 500 or 500 thousand. Each receiver is subjected to and passes six different quality control examinations.
Our guarantee says you will be happy with the way the rifle shoots. If not, we will inspect the rifle to see if there is anything we can do to make it shoot better. If we find something, we will fix it with no charge. If we don’t think we can help, we’ll give you a full refund. In terms of group size, we shoot every rifle for accuracy using factory ammo, and we won’t let a rifle leave the shop unless it will shoot 1” or better at 100 yards. If a rifle will shoot 1” at 100 yards with factory ammo, the rifle will shoot ½” groups for those who hand load and are willing to tune the ammo to the rifle.
The TAC®-338 has an adjustable cheekpiece, spacer system and a detachable box magazine and weighs about 11.5 lb. The LRH has no adjustments with a fixed length of pull and a standard floorplate and weighs about 10 pounds.

Tactical Rifle Q&A

Yes. Older McMillan rifles will be covered under their original warranty with the exception of rifles produced between 1987 and 2000. We will not service any G.Mac built rifles.
NightForce-5.5-22x56mm is currently a very popular scope
Leupold, NightForce and US Optics
Three to four months is our average lead time
We offer only painted finishes. The stock is painted in a polyurethane based paint that is the most durable paint on the market for fiberglass. Then we metal finish the receiver and barrel to match the stock. The bolt and its internal components are finished with an NP3 nickel finish.
No. You can order directly from us. However, the rifle will need to be shipped to an FFL holder, and they will do the transfer of paperwork.
No. We will just need a copy of the FFL prior to shipping the rifle.
Yes. We require a 50% deposit, not to exceed $3,000 for all rifle orders.
Yes. With a valid copy of a government issue ID. (Tier 1 pricing)
Visa, MasterCard, Amex, cash, money order, wire transfer, and personal check (must clear the bank before we ship the rifle).
Yes. We offer tiered pricing for dealers based on the quantity they order.
We do our best to keep up with demand. However, we do have rifles in an on-going build process.