I’ve just returned from our trip to New Zealand. It was a wonderful trip. I used your Dynasty Rifle chambered in 300 Win Mag. That gun is a real shooter. On the first day we took it to the range. I was using a new Nightforce scope so I needed to get it sighted in. After getting the scope adjusted we started shooting for accuracy. The first shot was right on the money and the following 3 shots cut the hole made by the first shot. This performance made me even more excited about getting on some game.


As you know, part of the reason for going to New Zealand was to test our new SAAMI compliant hunting bullets. To do this properly, I wanted to shoot as many animals as possible. Over the next 4 days I shot 71 animals including goats, pigs, wallabies and cull deer. Every animal taken was nailed with a good hit. Not a single animal was lost. The rifle is so comfortable and the action worked so smooth that it was a pleasure to shoot.


I’ll add that I was not as careful with the rifle as I planned. The area we were in is very mountainous. Getting around on these mountains was not easy. In fact, I’m not embarrassed to say that I fell at least once each day. I paid for these falls with numerous bruises and stickers in my hands and arms. The reason I mention this is because the rifle found the ground and several rocks with each fall. Even with this abuse the rifle performed perfectly.


It is a testament to your skill as a gun builder. I was able to use a gorgeous looking rifle that shot as well as any competition rifle can. Add to that the fact that it is tough and functional. I just don’t know how a rifle could be any better. Looks great, shoots awesome and it takes all the abuse I can put it through without any change in performance.   I’ll be adding more McMillan rifles to my collection.


Kind regards,


Eric Stecker

Executive Vice President

Berger Bullets LLC