I would like you to know about the Tactical Fifty BMG I purchased last year. I was very curious about its accuracy potential. Not at all worried about the quality of the firearm… really the accuracy potential of the 50 BMG cartridge it fires. To me, the obvious quality traits lie in the McMillan craftsmanship, from the stout action to almost indestructible stock. The blending of quality parts, Jewell trigger, match barrel, brake, tripod and the Night Vision Optics compatible scope rail are all outstanding. I started my load development at 300 and 500 yards. Well, I am here to state that there is NO accuracy problem with this combination. The 5.5x25x56 mm Nightforce with the NPR2 reticule proves a winning combination on this rifle. During load development I have not had very many groups over 1 minute and several load combinations at 1/2 MOA with a couple of near 1 hole 5 shot groups at 300 yards. Now that loads are developed, I intend to shoot this at 1500 to 2500 yards. This is a winner of a rifle. You can buy other 50 BMGs out there that just have a lot of boom or gee whiz…or buy the real tack driver … TAC 50 with it you really can “Shoot to Win” and it’ll get you a smile as well.


Best Regards,
Don Golembieski
Kodiak Precision