I went to the range last night to zero a new scope on my 30-06 Legacy that you built for me last year. I also wanted to try shooting the rifle for accuracy on the 300-yard range. Up to this point, I have only fired the rifle for accuracy testing at 100 yards, and I have spent the rest of the time practicing with it in the field


I zeroed the rifle at 200 yards and moved the target down to the 300-yard line. The first group I fired was just over an inch, which I thought was really phenomenal. I let the rifle cool off and I was really careful about watching the wind for the second group. When I checked the second group it was .640″at 300 yards.


I personally think that is about as good as it gets for a light sporter that weighs 7.5 pounds scoped using a hunting bullet.


I was using 60 grains of Ramshot Hunter and a 175 grain Barnes LRX in new Winchester brass. I have attached a copy of the group.



Chet Fitzgerald