About McMillan Firearms

McMillan Firearms is dedicated to producing the finest firearms in the industry. The Custom Collection is a complete line of premium hunting rifles, including lightweight, standard, magnum, dangerous game, long range and hunting/tactical-hybrid models. The renowned TAC series includes standard, magnum and 50 caliber models for the elite professional marksman. The ALIAS series features an innovative, modular bolt action rifle that can be built in standard tactical, long range, subsonic/concealable or target configurations.


McMillan sells a wide variety of firearms accessories. The training division conducts basic and advanced rifle training courses. McMillan also offers a line of premium ammunition.


Underlying this broad product line is a dedication to excellence. The McMillan brand stands for uncompromising performance. Every product that carries the McMillan brand is a benchmark of quality and performance in the industry.


About Strategic Armory Corps
Strategic Armory Corps, LLC was formed in August 2011 to acquire leading companies within the firearms and related accessories industry and develop one of the broadest product offerings. In November 2010 Strategic Armory Corps acquired Special Technologies Group dba AWC Systems Technology, a manufacturer of firearm suppressors and distributor of ammunition. Simultaneous with the formation of Strategic Armory Corps, the group acquired Surgeon Rifles, Inc., a manufacturer of high-end bolt action rifles and proprietary actions. In July of 2013 Strategic Armory Corps acquired ArmaLite, the original “AR” firearms manufacture.  Following this acquisition also in 2013, the rifles portion of McMillan USA was acquired as McMillan Firearms Manufacturing LLC, specializing in both hunting and tactical applications. Each of the companies manufactures and sells leading product lines in their niche within the estimated $5 billion annual revenues commercial, US military and law enforcement firearms related industry.


Strategic Armory Corps continues to expand its core businesses becoming the “One Stop Shop” for firearms enthusiasts.